We have a great team being built up for organizing LESS 2010. We are still seeking people willing to join us.

If you would like to be part of the LESS 2010 team, let us know at pekka.abrahamsson(at)cs.helsinki.fi and nilay.oza(at)vtt.fi

Program Chairs

Pekka Abrahamsson is a full professor in the department of computer science in University of Helsinki. He has researched agile software development since 2002, published actively on the topic, lead European research initiatives in the area and grown up the agile research community in Scandinavia and beyond. His most recent interests lie in understanding the Lean philosophy in complex software systems design space.
Pekka can be reached at pekka.abrahamsson(at)cs.helsinki.fi

Nilay Oza is a senior research scientist at VTT – Technical research centre of Finland. He conducts research, develops and manages R&D projects and offers consultation to companies as a member of VTT. His current areas of research interest include agile adoption and transformation, lean thinking, Green IT business models, and global software business. He has been providing consultation in large scale agile transformation, innovation enablement, and global software business coordination. He is actively connected in international software and information systems communities.

Track Chairs for Scaling up Agile Towards Lean

Vasco Duarte is an experienced software industry professional and an agile coach at Nokia. Before joining Nokia, Vasco helped F-Secure to transform to agile. He has been software development manager, product manager and a director of software processes and tools. He is a well known expert in the agile community, one of the founding members of Agile-Finland community and the co-founder of the very successful Scandinavia Agile Conference, which has drawn more than 300 participants from Scandinavia and beyond. He is known to be a passionate agile guru, highly appreciated presenter and a well-recognized expert in his field.
Vasco can be reached at vasco.duarte(at)nokia.com

Kieran Conboy is a senior lecturer in Information Systems at NUI Galway, Ireland. His doctoral research focused on agile methods for systems development as well as agility across other disciplines. Kieran’s other research interests include systems analysis and management accounting in systems development projects. Some of his research has been published in various journals and conferences such as the European Journal of Information Systems, the International Conference in Information Systems (ICIS), the European Conference in Information Systems (ECIS), IFIP 8.6 and the XP200n conference series. Prior to joining NUI Galway, Kieran was a management consultant with Accenture, where he worked on a variety of projects across Europe and the U.S.
Kieran can be reached at kieran.conboy(at)nuigalway.ie.

Track Chairs for Beyond Budgeting

Bjarte Bogsnes has a long international career in the oil business, both in Finance and HR. As Group Controller for the petrochemicals company Borealis he abolished budgeting in this company in the mid nineties. Bjarte has been advocating the Beyond Budgeting principles since then. He is currently heading up StatoilHydro’s Beyond Budgeting project. StatoilHydro is Scandinavia’s largest company, with operations in 40 countries and a turnover of 100 bn USD. Bjarte is also Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable Europe, and author of the book “Implementing Beyond Budgeting – Unlocking the Performance Potential“, with foreword by Robert S. Kaplan from Harvard. Bjarte can be reached at BJBO@StatoilHydro.com

Dr. Peter Bunce is a Director of the BBRT (Beyond Budgeting Round Table), an independent international research collaborative forum and advisory services organisation. The BBRT is at the centre of a movement to help organisations continuously improve their performance in a market led, highly competitive and unpredictable business environment. It is a movement that has developed a coherent management model that reunites leadership thinking, management processes and information systems.

Peter has a background in manufacturing engineering. As part of his student apprenticeship with Westland Aircraft Saunders-Roe Division, Peter gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology. Since then he has worked in manufacturing engineering for several organisations, including Plessey Radar, Lewmar Marine and Wellworthy. During his time at Lewmar Marine he gained a PhD for research into the practical applications of group technology (cellular manufacturing).

Prior to the BBRT Peter managed several research programs for the Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing International (CAM-I) relating to cost management, computer-aided process planning, geometric modelling and next generation manufacturing systems.

His particular interests and experiences are in management models for adaptive and innovative organisations, lean and agile thinking and future manufacturing systems that can respond to current and future global drivers.

Peter is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology; he holds a Diploma in Management Studies.

Track Chairs for Lean Product Development and Innovation

Jayakanth “JK” Srinivasan is a researcher with the Lean Advancement Initiative at MIT, where he focuses on applying and extending lean enterprise thinking to knowledge-intensive industries. His forthcoming book Lean Enterprise Thinking: Driving Enterprise Transformation (co-authored with Debbie Nightingale) presents both the seven underlying principles of lean enterprise thinking as well as field-tested frameworks and tools that organizations can adopt to drive their transformation efforts. His current research focuses on the twin tracks of the sources of enterprise agility in software organizations, and the architecture of innovative organizations. Prior to joining MIT, Dr. Srinivasan worked in the public sector on avionics systems and in the private sector writing networking software. His academic training includes an undergraduate degree in computer engineering and graduate degrees in avionics and aeronautics and astronautics, and a doctoral degree in computer science. He can be reached at jksrini (at) mit (dot) edu

Karl Scotland is a versatile software practitioner with over 15 years of experience covering development, project management, team leadership, coaching and training.  For the last 10 years he has been successfully applying Agile methods, and most recently has been a pioneer and advocate of using Kanban Systems for software development. Currently an Agile Coach with Rally Software in the UK, Karl is a founding member of the Lean Software and Systems Consortium and the Limited WIP Society, and has previously championed Agile and Lean Thinking with the BBC, Yahoo! and EMC Consulting.

Karl writes about his latest ideas on his blog at http://availagility.co.uk/

Track Chair for Executive Track

Frances Paulisch is a software “best practice” evangelist at the corporate technology division of Siemens AG in Munich, Germany. She is responsible for the Siemens System and Software Initiative, which addresses strategic software topics at Siemens and also enables the sharing of software-related best practices throughout Siemens worldwide. Frances is particularly interested in the using modern software engineering techniques to increase productivity. Her main current areas of interest are requirements engineering, agile and lean software development, and software architecture, and global software development. She received her doctorate in software engineering from the University of Karlruhe and is involved in a vareity of international software conferences. She is the chair of the advisory board of the IEEE Software (www.computer.org/software) magazine.